Operation Instructions of Sinoware smart trash bin model SW6946

July 31, 2023

Operation Instructions of Sinoware smart trash bin model SW6946:


1. Install the batteries:

Turn over the sensor head, move out the battery case cover, and put 4pcs of 1.5V AA Alkaline Battery into the case. Please make sure the batteries are to be inserted with the correct polarity.


2. Power on/off:

Press the “I” to turn on the sensor head. All the LED lights will be on for 3s and then go out.

The sensor head is power ON.

Press the “O” to turn OFF the sensor head.


3. Sensor Mode:

3.1 The lid will automatically open when object is detected within 30CM (-5+5CM) above the sensing area    ; when the object leaves the sensing area and there is no block above the sensing head, the system will automatically close the lid after countdown of 5s with LED light shorten in distance of every 1s.

3.2 If there is something blocking the lid from closing, please remove the object and re-sensing to open the lid, the lid will automatically close after 5 seconds.

3.3 After opening the lid by sensor, if something stays in the sensing area, the lid will keep open.  The system will start countdown and close the lid when sensor area is clear.


4.Touch Mode:    

Touch the   key for opening or closing. Each touching will switch the lid status. (open/close).


5.Standby Mode:

The system turns to "Standby" mode after lid is close. Lid will be close after 15mins if no any other manual touching the key.


6.Mixed Mode:

6.1 After the lid is open, touch the    button, the lid can be closed immediately, and turn to the standby state.   

6.2 During the opening or closing process, if the lid is forcefully close by hand, the system will immediately turn to the standby mode.


7.Low Power Mode:

Red light indicates low battery, please replace new batteries in 1 week.


8.Reset Mode:

When the system is powered on, no matter what position the lid is in, the lid will automatically close and reset once, and then turn to the standby state.


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